A Complete List Of Descriptive Essay Topics For College Students | 2021 Guide

A descriptive essay is used to provide information to the essay writer about a person, place, or thing. To write an effective descriptive essay, you are required to affect all the five senses of the audience. In the following lines, we will look at different topics related to descriptive essays for college students.

  1. My neighbor
  2. My pet
  3. My favorite profession
  4. My favorite book
  5. My hobby
  6. My favorite teacher
  7. My favorite game
  8. Why do I want to visit France?
  9. Statue of Liberty
  10. The tower of Pisa
  11. The Egyptian Pyramids
  12. My dream homes
  13. My favorite personality
  14. A memorable day
  15. Last day of my school
  16. A person whom you would like to meet
  17. The person who had a major influence on my life
  18. Roosevelt
  19. Abraham Lincoln
  20. Nelson Mandela
  21. Pope John Paul
  22. Mussolini
  23. Diego Maradona
  24. Lionel Messi
  25. Steffi Graff
  26. Andre Agassi
  27. Boris Yeltsin
  28. Boris Becker
  29. Serena Williams
  30. Maria Sharapova
  31. Zinedine Zidane
  32. Ashley Cole
  33. Sir Gary Sobers
  34. Sir Ian Botham
  35. Curtly Ambrose
  36. Courtney Walsh
  37. Malcolm Marshall
  38. Charlie Chaplin
  39. LeBron James
  40. Michael Jordan
  41. Shaquille O'Neal
  42. Kobe Bryant
  43. Kevin Durant
  44. Magic Johnson
  45. Stephen Curry
  46. Richard Headley
  47. Winston Churchill
  48. Angela Merkel
  49. Sir Thomas Stanford Raffles
  50. Lee Kuan Yew
  51. Mao Zedong
  52. Tiger woods
  53. Jack Nicklaus
  54. Ben Hogan
  55. Ronnie O’Sullivan
  56. Stephen Hendry
  57. John Higgins
  58. Alex Higgins
  59. Mother Teressa
  60. Marilyn Monroe
  61. Charles Darwin
  62. Adam Smith
  63. Martin Luther King
  64. Albert Einstein
  65. Gary Kasparov
  66. George Bush
  67. Elizabeth Taylor
  68. The White House
  69. The Washington Memorial
  70. Central Park
  71. Times Square
  72. Walt Disney
  73. Schools should not have a uniform
  74. An ideal modern teacher
  75. Education and religion
  76. Private vs public schools
  77. Internet and the education system
  78. Staying motivated in school
  79. My favorite football clubs
  80. When should children start their schools?
  81. Current school shooting incidents
  82. The Apple Corporation
  83. PepsiCo.
  84. The Coca Cola Company
  85. Wayne Gretzky
  86. Sidney Crosby
  87. Mario Lemieux
  88. Sidney Sheldon
  89. Agatha Christie
  90. Jane Austen
  91. Charles Dickens
  92. Virginia Woolf
  93. Charlotte Bronte
  94. George Orwell
  95. George Eliot
  96. Thomas Hardy
  97. Joseph Heller
  98. Joseph Conrad
  99. Peter Carey
  100. Jack London

Above is the list of descriptive write my paper topics for college students. Most of these topics relate to some famous personalities. It is easier to write a descriptive essay on a person who has achieved a lot in life. The student will have to use the internet to find all the relevant information about the subject. 

When writing the description of a personality, it is better to keep a chronological order of the events. When the essay is about some famous places, it is better to keep the focus on the major attraction. In both types of essays, it is essential to develop a thesis statement and keep all the points around it.

There are many online essay writing services that can help you in finalizing the topic for your descriptive essay. You can also get some outline for your paper writing service for free from these services. In the case of a personality, this outline may help you to write the details chronologically. The outline related to a place may include the description of all the prominent things at that place.

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